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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Erica Guerin

Erica Guerin Law

I just want to say that Nicholas is my hero! The (other co) was condescending and not helpful. I am very thankful that Nicholas was able to figure out the problem and get them to fix it. It was a real pain in the butt not being able to use my own email to receive documents from the Ulster County Clerk. Nicholas deserves a bonus!

Sr. M. Veronica Robert, O.Carm

Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm

Thank you to all of you at PCA for the quick response to our eleventh hour request to get into a laptop this afternoon. Everyone was super as usual! The individual in need of help was able to get on the road to Manhattan with her companion for their appointments and she was able to do her schoolwork in between appointments as planned!! (Next time we will check things well ahead of time and take nothing for granted.)

Keith Grant

Deising’s Bakery

PCA support helped me set up my business email on my new cell phone. the process was very easy to do with their guidance. they also helped me with the settings on my phone, which were directly liked to the account. this support was more related to my phone , than it was the email at my place of employment. and yet they still managed to send me the correct information regarding my phone settings. their support is priceless, and very appreciated

Melissa Thompson

VanKleek Winne Adjusters

Erik was extremely efficient. He explained each step and was able to resolve my printing issue with little input from me. I was able to complete my work in a timely fashion because of his help.

Melissa Beck

Bread Alone Bakery

You guys are GREAT…. (Other Company)…not so much:) Thank you for helping me poke and prod them. It had only been 7 months but at last we got it done! Thank you! 

Lisa McClosky

Dutchess Ambulatory Surgery Center

As usual, timely & professional service. Michelle & Jon Rowe are both great.

Pamela Belfor

Gary DiMauro Real Estate, Inc

Wow. So happy our company is now with you for our computer management. What a relief, and a pleasure!!

Anthony Buzzeo

Anthony Buzzeo CPA

Robert did a very good job helping us with engagement and with the scans folder. It nice to see that a tech takes the time to see the problem all the way through.

Lynn Webb

Sholes & Miller

Anthony was VERY helpful. Understood the issue (I did not), got it resolved and explained exactly what he did and what remained. I always know when I contact PCA that I will get a quick and positive result!

Joan Whitman

Acadia HR

Thank you for figuring out the problem and resolving it. Always comfortable to work with PCA and Austin this time to resolve challenges. Also provides opportunity to learn and work through simple issues in the future.

Elaine Fernandez

Town of Rhinebeck

I am always very satisfied with PCA technicians. Everyone is patient, kind and thorough. It’s truly a pleasure to deal with your company.

Timothy O’Leary

Dyson Foundation

It was done in a flash….perfect!

Erinn Brown

Handel & Carlini LLP

Had the best technician helping resolve the problem!

Cindy Layton

Duffy Layton 

Jim does a great job, and it helps that he explains everything really well. Thanks!

Pat Thurston


Prompt courteous service! It doesn’t get better than this!! Thank you!!

Shirley Vaughn

Mission Society of New York city

I want to thank you for the extended time and expertise you took in resolving my chrome issue. I am able to utilize it and all of my favorites are saved. For some reason I was not able to click onto the survey. Again, thanks for everything and reconnecting me to the cyber world, again!!!!! Teamwork makes the dream work!!! I’m in the loop, again!!!

Jason Morris

AFI Glass  & Architectural Metal

Thank you for always fixing my IT issues as fast as humanly possible. I spoke with Angelo over the weekend as I needed to explain why I was here till 10:00 on a Friday night. Although this was not due completely to IT issues when I did realize I had an IT issue, I sent an email and you swooshed in like a Superhero and got me all fixed up. Although this is a funny comment it has real merit because you did just do that. You took my machine over and told me to leave and I had full confidence that you would fix and complete my goals that were keeping me here so late. You helped me give my new employee the warm welcome she deserved. I was greeted with a huge smile today when she was being walked around the building and introduced to me. Angelo was completely impressed that at that hour of night a wrong was corrected and the job was completed. Its moments like this where PCA’s Customer Service Truly Shines. From my Team to yours Thank You