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Does your organization need to better manage your data? Do you struggle with antiquated and out of date technology? Is it difficult to balance keeping your donor and client information safe and effectively manage costs? Due to budget constraints are you reactive or proactive when you have IT problems? Did your last audit have an increased focus on your data security and disaster recovery plans? Is your staff constantly suffering from downtime or an inability to access reports? Is it difficult to balance keeping your donor and client information safe and effectively manage costs?

At the end of the day, non-profit organizations just want something that works. They want to focus on their mission, not spend their valuable time, energy and resources on technology issues. Many organizations have inherited legacy systems or old and donated hardware that leads to increased downtime, missed opportunities and additional often unplanned expenses when those systems stop working or being supported.

Additionally, nonprofit leaders often mistakenly believe they aren’t of interest to cyber criminals, but the amount of personal data they store from donors and employees, and the tendency to underinvest in cybersecurity measures, make them prime target. It can be difficult to maintain up-to-date technology and hardware, keep pace with technological changes and navigate the shifting regulatory landscape with limited funding.

Professional Computer Associates (PCA) has extensive expert technical expertise in dealing with the unique needs of non-profits. Through our partnership with many local and regional community organizations, PCA has established core competencies and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs and regulations facing organization like yours- both large and small. PCA is dedicated to helping our community agencies stay current with changing technology and regulations while making the most of their limited budgets.

  • We work with many community not-for-profit organizations that work in health and human services, education and childcare agencies as well as foundations, labor and religious groups on both daily managed service and specific IT implementation projects
  • We provide improved performance and security across all IT systems, protecting donor, employee and consumer information
  • We help streamline your IT infrastructure and data sharing to help your employees reduce downtime, increase security, and work more efficiently
  • We can improve employee collaboration and document sharing especially for remote employees, multiple locations or road staff
  • We can reduce capital expenses and established a fixed IT budget
  • We provide full-time IT support or augment your current It staff to meet operating needs or address specific projects
  • Our knowledge and experience with a variety fundraising, event, membership, operations and financial software allows us to work directly with software vendors to ensure smooth operations
  • We provide 24×7 help desk support for departments which may be open beyond the normal hours of operation
  • We develop compliant contingency and Disaster Recovery Plans in the event of a natural disaster such as fire or flood, malware or ransomware attack or employee error
  • We provide enhanced VoIP solutions to help reduce communication expenses while improving response times and constituent satisfaction
  • Our strategic IT planning ensures appropriate future budgets to prevent emergency expenses
  • We work with grantees and funders and are a certified veteran-owned business when applying for grants

PCA’s main focus is to help you deliver quality services to citizens you serve with speed, transparency, confidence and efficiency while keeping their information secure.

  • 24x7x365 support for all employees and all departments
  • IT auditing and best practice evaluations
  • Proactive monitoring, patch and update management, software upgrades and security monitoring
  • Virus detection and prevention
  • Employee education
  • Cloud/mobile device options with policy recommendations
  • System and workstation backups
  • VOIP phone systems
  • Servers, routers, firewalls and networking

“Just wanted to say a special thank you for being so wonderful – I’ve never met or worked with a company as unique as PCA before.  As I told Jon before he left, I recommend you every chance I get!” – Sr. M. Veronica Robert, Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirmed

“You saved my life and my sanity. Thank you.” – Jennifer Nelson, Mental Health America of Dutchess County

“Very much appreciate the support from PCA.” – Nancy Kolben, Center for Childrens’ Initiatives Inc